Welcome to the new Forgiveness to Freedom Blog!!!

FTF_LOGO_777PX_WEBWelcome to my new website www.forgivenesstofreedom.com! I am very excited to introduce you to my life purpose – helping people reclaim their personal power, freedom and joy through the forgiveness process!

Forgiveness is the ultimate tool in self-care. Forgiveness is about honoring self; it is not letting the other person off the hook.

When we hold grudges, resentments, blame, sadness and/or fear toward another person (past or present), group or entity, much of our personal energy is wasted thinking about them or the hurtful situation. We become obsessive, at times, going over the incident like a broken record.

The consequence of that behavior is that we do not have enough energy to live our own life and dreams. We are actually giving away our life force to a past event or person.

I would love to help guide you to release your pain and life the life of your dreams with peace and joy.

Please visit my website www.forgivenesstofreedom.com for some wonderful tools to start you on the journey of ultimate freedom.

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