Freedom Consulting

I combine over 18 years of experience helping people empower themselves plus the guidance and wisdom of my own life challenges to offer you coaching services, trainings and resources to help you forgive easily and gently.

Whether you have years of resentment built up toward a person or have just recently experienced a painful encounter that has left you reeling, I have what you need.

Complimentary Initial Forgiveness to Freedom Consultation

Apply now for a complimentary Forgiveness to Freedom Strategy Session. Your honest answers to the Exploratory Kit will help us determine if you are a fit to the program and we will review your current life challenges that keep you stuck and determine your best next steps for attracting the peace, joy and freedom you deserve.

To get started, download a copy of the Forgiveness to Freedom Exploratory Kit.

Personalized Forgiveness to Freedom Consulting Sessions

Each person has their unique and individualized set of circumstances, challenges and experiences that have led them to a place in their life where they are ready to forgive another person.

My philosophy is that people are whole and know what is in their best interest but at times need additional objective support. That is why I choose to promote the empowerment and inner wisdom of each person.

We will work together as a team to guide you through your unique set of circumstances and peel the layers of negative feelings until we get to the core of your inner true self. That is where true freedom exists!