My First Experience of Personal Freedom

Personal FreedomI have realized along my life path that I highly value personal freedom.

Freedom is experienced in a myriad of ways. First, I enjoy making my own decisions. That is not to say I do not collaborate or have experienced the power of group work. Here, however, I am referring to that I do not need to depend on others to make my decisions. Again, it is my choice to gather feedback from others, but the decision is ultimately mine.

Now, this has not always the case. For many years I was very dependent on the judgement and input of those around me and what they thought.

Then it seemed like one day I just “woke up”. The truth is I have been on a personal development journey for many years. The culmination of this awareness and increased consciousness seemed to focus its light on this particular day.

I started focusing on what my goals and vision were for myself, not what others wanted from me. And when I stopped investing so much time in gathering the approval of what others thought, I was able to expand the energy on myself. It felt like all of a sudden I had an influx of creative thoughts that were exciting and stimulating. I felt so uplifted.

I did have to beware of blaming myself and others for not allowing me to get here sooner. I had to forgive myself and those closest to me for their best intentions that were not aligned with my own goals. I became conscious that now was the best time for my growth and chose to enjoy the moment rather than emphasize “what ifs”.

If you are ready to live your own life consciously and choose a path of freedom, visit my website for your free exploratory kit.

Live Joyfully,


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