The Freedom to Choose

realtree 250My focus right now is freedom. I would love to inspire you to choose one aspect of your life where you may feel “boxed in” or without many options. This is a wonderful place to start to inspire you to take a good look at where your journey of... [Read more...]

Everyday Forgiveness

Everyday ForgivenessForgiveness is an essential tool in life. It is not an uncommon occurrence to have our feelings hurt. Sometimes intentionally by another person but often it is an inadvertent remark or behavior that gets us by surprise. Unlike the childhood... [Read more...]

Yes to the life I envision!

11190164-atlanta-life-coachNow is the time to say “Yes to the life I envision!” Enough of excuses. Stop funneling your energy toward fears, resentments and guilt. This is a draining way of living life, yet most of us live this way, usually pushing these negative toward... [Read more...]

My First Experience of Personal Freedom

Personal FreedomI have realized along my life path that I highly value personal freedom. Freedom is experienced in a myriad of ways. First, I enjoy making my own decisions. That is not to say I do not collaborate or have experienced the power of group work.... [Read more...]

Maritza’s Story

DSC_0684I realized early on the consequences of holding on to resentment, blame and hate after my divorce. For approximately 3 years, I blamed my ex-husband for the ending of my marriage since he is the one who initiated the divorce process. Every day I... [Read more...]