The Freedom to Choose

realtree 250My focus right now is freedom. I would love to inspire you to choose one aspect of your life where you may feel “boxed in” or without many options. This is a wonderful place to start to inspire you to take a good look at where your journey of life is taking you. If the current path is out of sync with your overall life goals and dreams, you can choose a different path.

Now that may sound scary at first. And you don’t have to take any immediate decisions. The only thing that is asked of you right now is to contemplate where you want to go and take a good, honest examination of where you are.

Many of us have not given much thought regarding how we want to live our life and what dreams we choose to pursue. We have been reactive to life’s circumstances or have followed family and/or community tradition without examining our own interests. Tradition is a wonderful thing as it keeps memories and values alive. Sometimes, however, we want to take an active role in molding and tweaking our path forward.

Take time and really think about how you want to live your life and come to recognize that you have the choice to steer in a different direction if you change your mind.

Stay Free,



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